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SIGNATURE - Digital Converters Euro Family CAT FW028 Angle CAT Paste CAT


Single Channel Four Wire Subrack With IFB

  • Single 4 wire circuit
  • Program audio input
  • Front Panel Mic or External Mic
  • Front panel lever key for switched output
  • Front panel Loudspeaker



6x6 Talkback Matrix Mixer

  • 6 inputs and 6 outputs
  • Front panel switches route any input to any output
  • Individual input level controls
  • Individual output level controls
  • Band pass filters on each input

GS-FW023 (GS-FW007 Replacement)

Versatile Single Channel Four Wire Desktop Unit

  • Single 4 wire circuit
  • Program audio input
  • Front panel or external Mic with gain control
  • Lever key for mic operation
  • Front panel Loudspeaker
  • 4 wire input can be switched to 4 wire output (IFB)



Four Channel 4 Wire Box

  • Four 4 wire circuits & 1 x programme input
  • Internal or external Mic input with individual gain controls
  • Lever key switches send mic to 4 wire outputs
  • Program input can be routed to any of the 4 wire outputs
  • 4 wire inputs can be routed to their own output (IFB)