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Express ip MKII
Two User Commentary Unit With Dante

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  • Two commentary positions
  • Dante network audio interface
  • Four external monitor inputs
  • Sidetone (own voice) monitor circuit
  • Other commentator monitor circuit
  • Two common talkback circuits
  • Operation of talkback buttons configurable
  • Mic inputs with selectable 48V phantom power

The Express ip MKII was designed to provide a quick and easy solution when it is necessary to provide interfacing for two commentators, with simple facilities, into a Dante/ AES67 audio network. This high quality commentary unit is ideal for those looking for cost effective solutions without paying for unwanted features; the Express ip MKII is worthy of investigation.

Two front panel mic inputs with selectable 48V phantom power.

Each mic input has its own individual output. The second mic output can be switched on the rear panel to be a mix of both mic inputs.  The two talkback circuits have individual outputs and are common for both commentators.

There are four inputs for external sources, and one sidetone pot of their own voice and another pot for monitoring the other commentator. These are available independently to each commentator on individual pots, so each can adjust the inputs for their own preference of mix level. There are two 6.35mm headphone sockets – 1 for each commentator. A 7 segment LED PPM meter displays level. 

The network connection is AES67/Dante compatible and is available on the rear panel on an RJ45/CAT5 connection.  It offers 4 input channels and 4 output channels.

There is an internal switch mode AC power supply, or the Express ip can be powered by PoE if powered by a switch that provides power over Ethernet.

Mic Gain (Dynamic): 54dB
Mic Gain (Phantom Power): 44dB (37dB via internal link)
Input Impedance: 1k2
Noise @ Channel Outputs: >= -70dB (22Hz - 22kHz A weighted 300 Ohm termination)
Noise @ Mix Output: >= -67dB (22Hz - 22kHz A weighted 300 Ohm termination)
Phantom Power: 48 Volts @ 9.7mA

Type: Complex multi-point curve
Input Level : Output Level
    -54       :       0
    -44       :       +5
    -34       :       +8.5
    -24       :       +10
    -19       :       +12.5

Headroom : 35dB

Physical: Neutrik Ethercon
Type: RJ45 compatible
Chipset: This device uses Audinate's Ultimo chipset

SIGNAL PATH (Input to Output)
Frequency Response: Flat : 53Hz to 10.5kHz
Frequency Response: <= -1dB : 40Hz to 15.2kHz
Frequency Response: <= -3dB : 30Hz to 22kHz
Distortion: -44dB input : 100Hz <=0.04% : 1kHz <= 0.01% : 10kHz <= 0.006%

Line input impedance: > 47kOhms
Frequency Response from Inputs: >= +/-2dB 50 Hz to 24kHz
Gain/ Loss Range: Off to + 10dB
Headphone Impedance: 35 - 1000 Ohms

Mains Input: 85 - 264 VAC
Power Consumption: 3 Watts
PoE:  Via RJ45 connection from a PoE switch

Dimensions: 220 x 250 x 98mm (W x D x H)
Weight: 1.46 Kg 

Based on industry standards, Dante is an uncompressed, multi-channel digital media networking technology, with near-zero latency and synchronization. Dante is the preferred audio networking solution that has been adopted by more pro-audio AV manufacturers than any other networking technology. Interoperability is not a dream of the future, but a reality today. Hundreds of Dante-enabled products are available from the world’s leading manufacturers, enabling you to mix devices from multiple manufacturers.

Economical and Versatile
One cable does it all. Dante does away with heavy, expensive analog or multicore cabling, replacing it with low-cost, easily-available CAT5e, CAT6, or fiber optic cable for a simple, lightweight, and economical solution. Dante integrates media and control for your entire system over a single, standard IP network.

Dante systems can easily scale from a simple pairing of a console to a computer, to large capacity networks running thousands of audio channels. Because Dante uses logical routes instead of physical point-to-point connections, the network can be expanded and reconfigured at any time with just a few mouse clicks.

Outstanding Quality
Since audio is transmitted digitally, you don’t have to worry about the common analogue challenges of interference from other electrical equipment, crosstalk between cables, or signal degradation over long cable runs.

Easy To Install
Setting up Dante networks couldn’t be easier. You no longer have to shudder when considering the deployment of an audio network. Even the most complex networks can be set up and configured quickly and easily with Dante, making system integration simple. Dante automatically handles the technical complexities for you.

Signal routing and system configuration with Dante is fast, simple, and incredibly flexible. Dante Controller is a powerful software application that manages devices on the network. Setting up a Dante network is typically just a matter of plugging devices into an Ethernet switch and connecting a computer to the network. All Dante devices are automatically discovered and displayed in Dante Controller, so you can be up and running in seconds.

Easy to Use
With Dante Controller you can easily edit device names and channel labels, control sample rates, and set device latencies. There is no longer any need to remember device IDs or channel numbers. Instead, a single audio channel is referred to just like an email address: “commentatorA @ studio or ”news_mic @ voboothA”. Set it and forget it. Once the network is configured, the computer running Dante Controller can be removed from the network, and reconnected only if changes are required or system monitoring is desired. Signal routing and other system settings are stored safely in the Dante devices themselves, so they are automatically restored if a device is power-cycled.

Network Health and Management
Real-time information about the health of your network is essential for a proper understanding of its performance. There is a rich suite of diagnostic tools within Dante Controller, providing visibility into the network health status through features such as device latency monitoring, active clock health monitoring, packet error reporting, and bandwidth usage statistics.

Glitch-Free Redundancy
Many Dante-enabled devices support 'glitch–free' redundancy, enabling a secondary physical network to be provided, duplicating the audio traffic on the primary network. This automatically prevents any audio loss or interruption in the event of a connectivity problem on the primary network.

Unicast or Multicast
Dante audio channels can be configured as unicast or multicast as appropriate, to make best use of available bandwidth. Unicast provides a direct point-to-point stream for unique channels; multicast sends an audio stream to multiple devices simultaneously.

Fully Integrated with Windows and Mac OS X
With Dante Virtual Soundcard, your computer becomes a Dante audio interface for multitrack recording and media playback, using the computer’s existing Ethernet port — no additional hardware is required. Digital Audio Workstations, software-based media players, Skype, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and other applications are easily integrated into your network via Dante Virtual Soundcard.

Visit the Audinate website to learn more about DANTE - click here 

Virgil OB Overview

It is possible to set the ExpressIP MKII to work in a mode suitable for simple two language interpretation.

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