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GS-CU001M MkII Version 3
Multi Purpose Three Commentator Unit

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  • EXTRA: 4 separate headphone inputs per commentator
  • EXTRA: Talkback between the 2 commentator positions
  • FEWER: Headphone left/both/right switching removed
  • Positions for 3 commentators 3 x mic/line inputs with 48v phantom power
  • Individual outputs plus a mixed output
  • 3 common talkback outputs with Config+ push buttons
  • Transformer balanced inputs and outputs

The GS-CU001M MkII is a highly versatile commentary unit. It was designed after close consultation with end users and the result is a stand alone unit which offers a wide range of facilities, and it is equally at home on the terraces, as it is in a studio.

The MkII Version
The MkII version now adds the following as standard features:
- 48v phantom power
- upgraded input gain pot
- input gain range increased from -20 to +10 dB
- GPOs on Mic and talkback buttons to allow integration with main intercom or talkback system

GS-CU001M/3 MkII: This version features transformer balanced input and output circuits.

In addition to the normal features of the GS-CU001B MkII the M version provides:

  • A talkback channel between the 2 commentators
  • Four independent inputs for each of the two monitoring positions (8 in total).  One set of the inputs can be switched to both monitoring sections independently.
  • One additional common monitoring input 
  • Headphone left/both/right switching is omitted

The GS-CU001M MkII is essentially the same as the GS-CU001E MkII but with the headphone switching omitted and the sidetone moved to the rear.

Three front panel inputs are mic/line switchable with selectable 48v phantom power. The front panel also has a small gain adjustment pot. Mic on/off switches can be selected in on/off mode or in cough mode. There is a global low frequency cut that can be selected on or off, and a preset compressor/limiter per input.

Each input has a direct discrete output on the rear panel along with a mixed output of all of the inputs, all on XLR. The mixed output is also available on an un-balanced 3.5mm jack socket as a local record. The direct output levels can be set in 3 positions:

1: 0dB + limiter: This is the normal operation and it limits peak levels.
2: 0dB: This feeds the output with an un-compressed nominal level of 0dB, for when the peak signal level will be controlled by outboard equipment.
3: -20dB: This feeds the output with a nominal level of -20dB providing extra headroom.

There are 3 common talkback circuits with individual buttons on the two main commentators’ sections (Position B's input cannot be switched to a talkback output). The operation of the talkback buttons features Config+ for configuring in different modes.

The GS-CU001M MkII version features an extra talkback circuit and headphone monitoring pot at the bottom of the top panel.  This is a direct talkback link between the two main commentators, allowing them to talk to each other, switching their live mics off air as they do so.

There are two main commentator monitoring sections, each with two separate 6.35mm A or B gauge jack sockets for headphones. In this way, the centre position B commentator can choose to share the monitoring of commentator A or C.

There are 9 external input sources available for monitoring, giving each monitoring position four individual inputs, plus one common.   A single input can be linked to both commentary positions if required via a rear panel switch.  An additional top panel level control is the sum of the other 2 commentators/inputs. The GS-CU001E MkII also features the additional pot that is the talkback return from the other commentator.  

Each of the 7 pots has level control to achieve various mix levels per monitoring position. There is a 7 segment LED PPM meter.

A small pot is available for each of the monitoring positions on the rear panel, that allows the commentators to adjust their sidetone (own voice level in their headphones).

There is an internal switch mode power supply 100-250v AC, with external power via a 4 pin XLR 9-18v DC.

Flight Case
By popular demand a hard wearing strong polypropylene flight case is now available for all of the GS-CU001 range. It features long life hinges, easy to use catches and being made out of hardwearing polypropylene plastic, it will last for years. Internally the case is lined with cut out medium density foam. The multipurpose cut outs can be adapted to accept any of the different size GS-CU001 units. A second small cut out is included suitable for two HMD25 headsets & mains cable.

Size: 277 x 289 x 123mm

GS-CU001M/1 MkII: With electronically balanced inputs and outputs.


The GS-CU001 is a complete and versatile base system, and Glensound's most popular commentary unit. It is therefore a perfect starting point for custom requirements. This has resulted in many custom modified units, some listed above, and some not. We are always happy to investigate a particular requirement that you may have. To give you an idea of what is possible, these are some of the modifications, we have designed previously for others:

Added 48v phantom power and GPIO on a 9 pin D-type
Moved the sidetone control to the top panel on a full size pot
Added a talkback channel and monitor between the A and C commentary positions (GS-CU001D and E)
Independent monitoring inputs for commentator A and C (GS-CU001E)
Additional mic passive outputs (GS-CU001E)
Added an additional headphone monitoring input (GS-CU001G)
Added two mic inputs for commentator A and C with a simple toggle switch between them (GS-CU001L)

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