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ISDN Codec With G.722, MPEG Layer 2, & APTX Options

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  • Two channel ISDN codec
  • Two separate card slots
  • G722, MPEG/G722, APTX, APTX/G722 cards (none supplied)
  • Control via GS-GC7, GC14, or serial
  • DTMF dialling
  • X21 data cards available
  • 1u 19" rack mount

Following the success of our portable ISDN mixers this unit is designed for applications at the studio end of the link. It is a self contained 19 inch x 1U subrack which can be installed in an apparatus room. The GSGC6 contains a mains power supply, a twin terminal adapter, control electronics and space for 1 or 2 codec cards. DTMF tones can also be generated and detected in this subrack to provide a method of signalling to and from similarly equipped units.

The front panel is divided into 3 areas. One contains the mains fuse, a power on LED and an ISDN volts present LED. In this section there is also a master reset switch for use in the event of a microprocessor crash. The next two sections are identical and each appertains to either port 1 or port 2. These are not necessarily the same as B1 and B2. Each section has a line Hang Up button along with LEDs to indicate when the terminal adapter is locked, the codec is framed and also when DTMF tones are sent or received. Since all of these indications and operations (except for master reset) can be remote controlled from the studio, it is not necessary to have the GSGC6 subrack in an operational area.

Audio inputs and outputs are 0 level balanced circuits on 3pin XLRs. Each port has a 9 pin fixed D socket as an RS232 serial control to IBM PC standard. These are used to control the system. Each port also has a 15 pin fixed D plug to provide external input and output loops. Provision is made for each port to have a 9 pin fixed D socket for auxiliary data. This is only available, and therefore only fitted when the unit has MPEG codecs. There is also provision for an X21 15 pin fixed D socket for each port. This is only fitted if the unit contains special X21 interface cards instead of codec cards. The unit is mains powered via an IEC connector fitted with a retaining clip.

All terminal adapter, codec and DTMF information is available on the RS232 serial ports, therefore a simple connection to our GSGC7 controller or a PC is all that is required for complete control of each port of the system. In very simple systems it is possible to set the unit to auto answer and then no control unit is required.

For more information on our GSGC7 & GSGC14 controllers.

See Also: Our simple contributors unit, providing all the audio facilities that simple self operational travel and news studios require. Ths contributors unit GSBC1A is designed as an audio 'front end' for the GSGC6. 

It is possible to fit 1 or 2 codec PCBs into this equipment. These are special codec cards developed for use with Glensound ISDN units and are the same as those used in our portable units. Five different cards are available:-

1) G722 Codec
2) APTX Codec
3) A dual Codec automatically switching between G722 & APTX to suit the codec at the far end of the line.
4) ISO/MPEG Layer 2 Codec with a G722 capability

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