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ISDN Codec With G.722, MPEG Layer 2, & APTX Options

  • Two channel ISDN codec
  • Two separate card slots
  • G722, MPEG/G722, APTX, APTX/G722 cards
  • Control via GS-GC7, GC14, or serial



Simple 2 channel ISDN G.711/G.722 Codec

  • 2 Channel ISDN codec
  • Each channel features G711 and G722
  • Front panel dialler and speaker
  • 'Speak To You' menu control
  • Switch mode Power supply


G722 Card For GS-GC6/1U

  • G722 card for GS-GC6/1U ISDN Codec


MPEG2 and G722 Codec Card for GS-GC5/1U

  • MPEG2 and G722 Codec Card for GS-GC6/1U ISDN Codec


APTX Codec Card For GS-GC6/1U

  • APTX Codec Card for GS-GC6/1U ISDN Codec


APTX & G722 Codec Card for GS-GC6/1U

  • DUAL APTX & G722 Codec Card for GS-GC6/1U ISDN Codec


Remote Controller For GS-GC6 ISDN Codec

  • Dialler for GS-GC6
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Clear controls
  • 9 pin D-type connection


Main Module Of The 3U G.711/G.722 ISDN Codec System

  • Twin G711/G722 codec module
  • 3U Module only 7E wide x 160mm deep
  • Up to 10 modules can be fitted in a 3U subrack
  • Dial and configure via DTMF
  • Also available in standalone 'brick' style


DTMF Dialler

  • Designed for the GSGC9 ISDN codec
  • Powered by 9v battery
  • Very easy to use


ISDN Dialer For Fixed Codec 3U Subrack System

  • Fits in the 3U ISDN Subracks
  • Input & output on bantam jacks
  • Includes subminiature LS for monitoring
  • Speak to ISDN line with front panel mic