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Dc3143URACK Front BAN

DC-314 Frame
Main Frame For DC-314 Digital Converter System

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  • 3U Subrack Holds 14 Module Cards
  • Versatile Main & Redundant Power Supply
  • Card Mounting Options
  • Modify Or Upgrade At Any Time

3U Subrack Holds 14 Module Cards

Versatile Main & Redundant Power Supply
The 100v-240v switch mode power supply can be mounted in the front or rear of the unit to suit the requirement. A second supply can be added for redundancy.

Card Mounting Options
Module cards can also be mounted in the front or back of the frame.

Modify Or Upgrade At Any Time
Any unused slots can be used at any time as requirements change by simply adding the the extra module card.

  • A highly specified digital converter system for high audio quality and reliability
  • Very low distortion figures of less than 0.001%
  • Clock converters with jitter figures of -0.7 parts per million (48kHz)
  • 24 bit 48kHz
  • Sample rate from 32-192 kHz
  • Low noise Wolfson chipsets
Digital conversion, clock generation, and distribution of digital signals are all standard requirements within a broadcast facility or outside broadcast vehicle. What the DC-314 system offers are these functions, in the most effective combination that you need now, whilst allowing simple upgrading as situations change in the future.

Glensound have also developed a system of a common backplane that makes the 3u version very flexible, allowing multiple clock frequencies within the same frame. Multiple conversions can therefore be simply managed without the need for additional hardware.

With the flexible option of 3 different base units, 6 card options, front or rear cabling, and redundant power supply, the DC-314 system from Glensound is a powerful digital conversion solution. 


The development of the DC-314 digital converter started with the backplane. The card connections have an 'in' and an 'out' connector. After data and audio is received and used, if necessary, it is passed to the next card on the right.

Left Hand Priority
The backplane of the system first uses the leftmost card. The clock from this card is passed to the card to its right. This may be the clock from an AES input, or a new clock from the Clock Generator card. All subsequent cards to the right will operate at this frequency. When the backplane finds another Clock Generator card, it can set a new clock frequency to all further cards to the right without effecting the cards to the left. In this way, multiple frequencies can be utilised within the same system. There is no limit to this, and the high speed data required for digital clocks is maintained throughout.

The Control Bus
The system has an I2C control bus integrated into the backplane. This gives the DC-314 the ability to control and integrate all connected modules.

The control bus passes information that allows remote analysis and control. A card with an integrated web browser will be available in the future for this purpose.

Plug And Play
All audio cards will plug and play while the system is active with no audio side effects - unless you remove a clock generator that a digital output is relying on of course!

Future Development
The design of the system lends itself to simple customisation: analogue distribution, line ident, two channel mixer. Whatever the project, custom modules can be integrated with the DC-314.

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