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Signature HA6+
Six Stereo Headphone Amplifiers

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    • Six stereo headphone amplifiers
    • Two stereo inputs
    • Source mix controls between both stereo inputs
    • Stereo or mono operation
    • All outputs available on the front or rear panel
    • Headphone range 32-1000 Ohms

The Signature HA6+ is a broadcast specification, six way headphone amplifier, designed to operate in a mono or a stereo mode.

The HA6+ has 2 x XLR inputs that are used as the primary programme audio input, and 2 x XLR inputs that are used for the secondary aux audio input. These can be stereo, or, if a mono input, can be switched to appear on both sides of the headphones. There are left and right primary input gain controls on the rear panel, and they are on recessed screw terminals.

On the front panel there is a source control for each headphone output that allows a mix between the programme and aux input. Full left is programme only, full right is aux only, and anywhere in between is a variable mix.

Each of the six headphone amplifiers has its own volume level pot. There is also a master volume pot that controls the overall level of all amplifiers. This can be defeated via a rear panel dip switch.
Each of the six headphone outputs are available via front panel 6.35mm jack sockets, and in parallel on rear panel XLR connectors.

Rear panel inputs and outputs are electronically balanced on XLRs and can accommodate unbalanced connections if required.

Power is provided by an internal switch mode power supply, with a wide input range. There is also an input for external 12V DC power. The 12V DC input can be connected to the optional Signature PS1 external DC Master Power Station, for situations where a redundant power supply is desirable.

A bright front panel LED indicates that the unit is operational.

May be delivered with a black finish

A small outside broadcast vehicle will often have to provide headphone monitoring for several different types of users.

In this example, the HA6+ is in the OB vehicle. The local engineer can plug in to the front of the HA6+. He can also provide headphone monitoring for 2 presenters, a producer, and 2 cameramen.

The engineer and the cameramen can set their source controls so that they mostly hear the talkback cue audio, with just a low level of the programme audio in the background for confidence.

The presenters have mostly the programme audio, with just a low level of talkback audio, and the producer can have a balanced mix between the programme and talkback audio.

Many broadcast mixers do not have as many headphone outputs as required. In this example the HA6+ is being used to provide extra headphone connections to co-presenters and guests.

The HA6+ is mounted underneath a desk using the flush mounting side wings. This allows the users access to the level controls and front panel connections.

The main stereo programme comes from the broadcast mixer and connects into the HA6+ via 2 x XLR connections.  The stereo talkback cue feed from the broadcast mixer connects into the HA6+ via 2 x XLR connections.

All of the HA6+ users are in the main studio on a guests' table. They connect their headphones into the front of the HA6+ and have separate level controls so they can now monitor the programme audio.

As the presenters are part of the radio station, they will also want to have access to the secondary talkback cue input so they can hear comments from an engineer or desk operator in the control room. They can adjust their rotary source control on the front panel so they can also hear this talkback cue.

The guests would have their headphone mix control turned full left, so that they would only hear the stereo programme audio.

Maximum Input Level:  +24dBu
Input Impedance:  30k
Programme Input Type:  Sophisticated electronically balanced 
(can be wired unbalanced)
Programme Input Circuit:  Stereo or mono (via rear panel switch)
Programme Input Connectors:  2 x Neutrik 3 pin XLR sockets
Cue Input Type:  Sophisticated electronically balanced 
(can be wired unbalanced)
Cue Input Circuit:  Stereo
Cue Input Connectors:  2 x Neutrik 3 pin XLR sockets
Coarse Gain Range:  20dB on programme input only
Front Panel Volume Pots Range:  75dB (-65dB to +10dB)
Front Panel Source Control Range:  70dB (-70dB to 0dBu)

Output Type:  Sophisticated electronically balanced.  They can accept mono or stereo jacks with automatic level correction for low or high impedance headphones. 
Output Connectors:  Front panel Neutrik A-gauge TRS 6.35mm (1/4") jack socket in parallel with rear panel Neutrik 3 pin XLR plug
Frequency Response:  -2.0dB 20Hz, -0.5dB 20kHz
Maximum Output Level:  +19dBu/67.07mW into 600 Ohms and +8dBu/6.2mW into 32 Ohms
Distortion:  <0.02%THD@100Hz & 0.005%@10kHz.  Reference to +8dBu output
Noise:  >-83.3dB @ line up unweighted RMS (22Hz to 22kHz)
Headphone Impedance:  32-1000 Ohms
Crosstalk: Programme to Aux Input 1k tone @ line up -72dBu

Mains Input:  Filtered IEC, 100 to 240VAC 47 - 63Hz
AC Consumption:  4 Watts@230VAC
Internal Mains Fuse:  20mm 1A Anti Surge 
DC Input:  4 Pin Neutrik XLR plug +/- 12V
DC Consumption: +12V=150mA, -12V=150mA

Size:  445 x 123 x 44mm (LxDxH) no rack ears, 482mm 19” (1RU) with rack ears
Weight:  1.26kg
Shipping Weight: 2.7kg 
Shipping Carton:  Rugged export quality cardboard carton 610 x 420 x 130mm LxDxH
Mechanics:  All aluminium construction, anodised and laser etched 

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