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When You Need A Solution That Ticks Every Box                                        

Around 85% of Glensound's products started life as a custom project.  We are a small company and control 100% of the production process at our design buildings in Maidstone UK.  This makes us very adaptable to modify existing designs or look at new designs to meet your exact requirements, in a sensible way without breaking the bank.

Typical new design process:

  • It all starts with a discussion
    What are you looking for?  What are you trying to do? Timescale?  Budget?  We always say that anying is possible, it's just time and money that varies!
  • Send us a detailed email of the required spec
    This is the key step that will really allow us to understand what you need.  Typically it prompts lots of questions from us to do with design practicalities.  Sometimes an item on the spec sheet is a 'would be nice if it did this' but is actually a fairly major cost implication.  Sometimes we suggest further functionality that is neglicable to the cost but simple to add at the design stage.  There tends to be several emails between us until we get what we believe to be an agreed spec.  For larger projects this is often carried out in face to face meetings.
  • We send you panel drawings and block diagrams
    This shows you how we  understand you specified product will look and what it will do.  This typically prompts further changes as once a unit starts looking real on paper, and the the proposed design is shown to other people for input, we get requests back form some changes.  
  • We send you a quote and expected lead time
    With the design agreed, we can then send you a quote and lead time
  • You confirm the order
    With the order confirmed we can start work. Depending on the unit and timescales, we often prefer running a prototype so that we can send you this for your approval before a full production run.

At Glensound we are constantly working on custom projects, so we are experienced in helping you through this simple process. 

A few examples of custom projects through the years:

  • BBC
    T3 Radio Console, MiniMop monitoring unit, TopHAT headphone amp
  • SKY
    MM83 monitoring unit, Pot Box
    Minferno commentary unit
  • Belgian National Orchestra
    Symphony musicians interface
  • AY Productions US
    B4+ belt pack intercom
  • You Tube 
    Athens 2 Dante phono preamp

 For an initial discussion about a project please email sales'at' or call +44 (0)1662 753662.