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The new Glensound Dante® speaker is simply Divine

The new Glensound Dante speaker is simply Divine

In the modern network audio world, with Dante® and AES67 networks increasingly being used to move audio around, a monitor speaker was needed that simply connects to these networks, and offers some really clever functionality too.  Enter Glensound’s Divine! 

Divine Basics
The Divine is a network audio speaker for Dante® and AES67 audio networks.  A single network cable connection provides power and 4 audio channels to the Divine.  But the story doesn’t stop there.  There are eighteen separate configurable parameters that are accessed from a rear screen that allow you to set the Divine in your preferred operational mode.

Routing is managed by Dante® Controller allowing any of four different sources on a Dante® network to be routed to the Divine.  Dante® Controller is also used to set AES67 mode if required.

Divine Looks
What is most striking about the Divine is how stylish it looks.  In its solid metal housing, its curves would not look out of place in a high end studio or your local theatre – it has a very high end finish.  From the front there is an input selector and a volume control (that goes all the way to 11!), together with a 4 segment PPM meter.  On the rear is a small screen for selecting configuration options.

Divine Sound
The driver is rated at 10W and when paired with a digital class D amplifier, the Divine is pretty loud for a small box.  The available power from PoE has been maximised, and along with the choice of an efficient driver and some clever DSP work, has resulted in a very punchy sound for this type of confidence monitor.

Divine Features
The four inputs available on the Divine are selectable from the front individually, in pairs, or mixed together.  Any Input can be disabled if required.

The key feature of the Divine is that any input can be set to be an interrupt of another, with various dim levels.  For example, if the Divine is used in a dressing room in a theatre, input 1 could be the show feed, with input 2 set as the interrupt for the Stage Manager.  Any call from the Stage Manager would therefore interrupt the show feed in the dressing room.  This interrupt feature will work with any Dante® network source as it is only detecting incoming audio, and makes it a very useful function.  The interrupt can also be set to bypass the volume control so users will still get their announcements even if they have turned the Divine volume down.

Different EQ presets are available along with an LF cut, and gain boost from 0 to 24dB.  For additional clarity on voice material a band pass filter is available.

The PPM bar on the front can act as one overall traditional PPM meter, or alternatively, as the LEDs are multi colour, the Divine can be set to show a PPM indication per input, on each individual LED.

The volume pot on the front can be set to have a minimal level ensuring that the speaker cannot be turned off, and you can also set a maximum volume level.

Line up level is selectable to meet requirements around the world from -24dBFs, -20 dBFs or -18 dBFs and each input can be set to have independent delays from 0-40 ms.  Front lights can also be set in dark mode for situations when the Divine needs to be heard and not seen! 

To maximise convenience and keep costs down, the Divine includes standard mic threads on the base for mounting on mic stands, and a 75mm VESA mount on the back so customers can use low cost and easily available monitor displays brackets.

A Divine Future
Around April 2020, the Divine will be added to Glensound’s free remote control application Glen Controller.  This will allow remote control of all configuration, remote upgrades, and allow the setup of multiple Divine groups. 

Lee Denison from the UK theatre hire and event production company White Light was one of the first customers to get hold of the Divine. He commented, “PoE enabled, 4 channel, lightweight, great sounding, self-powered monitor……what else do you need?”.

Glensound’s managing director Gavin Davis has been delighted with the response, “The first batch of Divines were sold before we had finished building them, so this is great news of course.  We love offering an innovative solution to our customers and the Divine has certainly hit the spot.” 

Product:             Divine Intelligent Network Audio Monitor
    Designed and manufactured in the UK by Glensound

For further details please contact Marc Wilson:, or on +44 (0)1622 753662.