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  • Provides a firewall between two internal Dante or Ravenna network interfaces
  • Dante to Dante, Dante to Ravenna, or Ravenna to Ravenna
  • 32 input and output channels at sample rates up to 96kHz
  • 16 input and output channels at sample rates of 176.4 and 192kHz
  • The two networks can operate asynchronously or at different sample rates
  • Support for 44.1-192kHz

The Vittoria provides a bridge between two internal and separate Dante networks. These networks are completely isolated from each other with 100% network security, providing a complete network firewall. Vittoria links 32 channels from each network directly in DSP, allowing the passing of bi-directional audio but with complete isolation and security from each separate network.

As each network is isolated, they can operate asynchronously and at different sample rates from each other without any problems. Each network can operate at sample rates from 44.1 kHz up to 192kHz.

One Dante Interface One Ravenna inerface
The Vittoria has one Dante network audio interface and one Ravenna interface. Each interface has:
- Primary connection using copper Ethernet via RJ45 EtherCON socket
- Secondary connection using copper Ethernet via RJ45 EtherCON socket
- Primary fibre connection via SFP module slot
- Secondary fibre connection via SFP module slot

The two network interfaces will typically be connected onto different networks and the Vittoria will ‘bridge’ between them.

New Network interface options
A Ravenna/AES67 module is now also available allowing the Vittoria to include a Dante and a Ravenna module, for two isolated networks using different technologies but still passing audio.  Available configurations are:

Vittoria DD:  Dante to Dante
Vittoria DR:  Dante to Ravenna
Vittoria RR:  Ravenna to Ravenna

Independently Operated Networks
As each side of the Vittoria is independent and not connected across a network, they can have independent settings.

For example, if the Vittoria is in OB truck running its own network connection at 48kHz to sync with the other devices on board the truck, but needs to link with an external network in a local studio that is operating at 192kHz, then that is no problem for the Vittoria. It will bridge the two network settings and audio will flow!

If you have a work flow that includes AES67 and separate Dante networks, then the Vittoria can be used to bridge between them, with one network interface operating in Dante mode, and the other operating in AES67 mode.

Each network on the Vittoria will operate between sample rates of 44.1-192kHz.

32 Channels
The Vittoria features a Dante Brooklyn II module in each interface and has 32 channels. Whatever you input on the primary interface is output on the secondary interface, and vice versa, up to 32 channels.

Network Compatibility
As well as Dante & AES67, the Vittoria is also SMPTE ST-2110-30 compatible.

Each Network Can Operate Asynchronously
Although each network of the Vittoria is connected via Ethernet, they can be operated with different master clocks at different clock speeds. This could be useful if you needed to spread the number of devices on one network across two. This would be very useful when using a high number of Ultimo based devices, for example.

Separate Word Clock In/Out
Each network interface has a word clock input and a word clock output connection, available on full size BNC connectors. This allows connection of other devices for clock sync on each network separately.

Vittoria As A Sample Rate Converter
Typically each network interface of the Vittoria will operate on separate networks, however they can both be connected to the same network if you would like to use the Vittoria as a sample rate converter.

If the primary network is operating at 44.1kHz and you want to connect a device at 48kHz, just set the secondary interface to 48kHz and connect your new device to this interface in Dante Controller. The audio will now be available on the primary interface at 44.1kHz.

Redundant Power Supplies
The Vittoria has two switch mode AC power supplies presented on rear panel IEC plugs.

These operate on a load sharing basis. This means that both supplies are running together at a low level. Statistically it is shown that running the supplies together offers greater life in the power supply than running one at full capacity with the other only taking over if it fails.

The Glensound Dante network audio range of products take their names from characters and places of the time of the Italian poet Dante Aligieri.

Dante was born in Florence, Italy in 1265, and the area contains many tributes to his life and work. One of the several impressive bridges in Florence is called Ponte Alla Vittoria which was built in 1835.

The Ponte Alla Vittoria joined three major provinces (Pisa, Livorno, and Pistoia), linking industries in Florence with the sea and the railway.

Built into the Vittoria there are two total separate network audio interface cards which will allow you to bridge and route audio between them.

In the example below:

-          One card is set to Dante

-          One card is set to AES67

Both appear in Dante controller as Vittoria-Left and Vittoria-Right.

In the device view the righthand tab is AES67 Config.  Here you can  enable or disable the AES67 mode in either card.  You will see both cards and be able to route audio in Dante Controller.

Setting one to Dante and one in AES67 allows you to bridge the audio between an AES67 network on one side, and a Dante network on the other whilst keeping them completely isolated from each other.







Dante (Ravenna as an option)
Yes using Brooklyn III modules

AES67 Compliant

SMPTE ST-2110-30 Compliant
Dane module: Yes, using Dante Domain Manager
Ravenna module:  Yes

Number Of Network Interfaces
2 - Fully isolated

Copper Ethernet
4 x Neutrik EtherCON connectors

Fibre Ethernet
4 x GBIC SFP slots to accept fibre modules (SFP modules not included)

Audio Sampling Frequency
44.1 to 192 kHz

Transfer Rate
1000 Mbps

24 bit

Number Of Inputs

Physical Inputs
IEC plugs

Yes with load sharing

Voltage Range
100-240VAC +/- 10%


20 Watts

Dynamic Range

I/O Sample Rate

I/O Sample Rate Ratio
1:8 to 7.75:1

Total Harmonic Distortion Plus Noise

All figures A weighted, 20Hz to 20kHz.

450 x 310 x 50 mm (WxDxH)


All aluminium construction, anodized and laser etched

Shipping Carton
Rugged export quality cardboard carton 620 x 410 x 130 mm (WxDxH)

Shipping Weight
4 Kg

Operating Temperature
0 to +40 C (32° to 104 F)

Storage Temperature
-20 to +70 C (-4° to 158 F)

Relative Humidity
0 to 95% non-condensing

Available by download

RJ45 Network Cable
2 x 2 metre Cat5 RJ45plug /RJ45plug cable

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