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Charles Interpreters Box
DANTE/AES67 Interpretation

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  • Single user interpreters interface
  • Three switched outputs with single press ‘flip flop’ switching
  • Three inputs with 'flip flop' switching
  • Automatic ducking system
  • Headphone EQ
  • PoE, external DC & AC mains power supply
  • Double redundant network connections on copper and SFP fibre

Mic & Headphones Connections
The headphone amplifier on the Charles is very high performance delivering high intelligibility on a variety of headhones and headsets. Headphones between 32-1000 ohm are automatically balanced to give a consistent output level across the range of the volume control. Stereo and mono earpieces can also be used.

Various connections are available to allow for different user preferences or project requirements.

A broadcast headset can be connected to the Charles with a 3 pin XLR mic input and a 6.35mm headphone connection.

A separate microphone can be connected via the XLR input and separate headphones can be connected using the 6.35mm or 3.5mm connection. The 3.5mm headphone connection will allow the interpreter to use in ear headphones or earpieces if that is their preference.

A goose neck microphone can also be used via a separate XLR input on the top panel.

There are 3 inputs to the Charles from the network that are available for monitoring:

1.  Floor
2.  Input A
3.  Input B

Each input has a separate level adjust so that all of the inputs can be balanced at the same level in the headphones.

Only a single input can be monitored at a time. Pressing any source to monitor will automatically de-select the previous source. This makes switching between monitored sources a simple one button exercise.

There is a full size pot for adjusting the overall ouput level going to the headphones/headset. Full sized pots are also provided for a two band EQ to the headphones. This allows the audio to be interpreted to be equalised for maximum clarity in the headphones.

Mic Input
The mic on/off button is on a large, bright LED lit, square button. Input type and gain adjust are on the rear of the unit. A 4 segment LED is used to check the appropriate gain level and also provides the user confidence that the microphone is on.

The operation of the mic button can be configured according to preference:

1.  Cough button Mic permanently on and muted when button held down
2.  Latching Pressing the button turns the mic on or off
3.  Momentary Mic is active only while button is held down

There are also two further illuminated pushbuttons that route the microphone to either output A or output B. Only one output can be selected at a time, so selecting an output will deselect the previous output. In this way it is a simple single button exercise to switch between outputs.

Output A & B each have 3 permanent outputs available from the network.  These are selected by just using the relevant channel when when using Dante Controller as they are all available on separate outputs:

1.  Interpreter mic only

2.  Interpreter mic with input mix in at -40dB
This is an output favoured by some broadcasters that allows you to hear the interpreted audio with the low level original audio in the background.

3. Interpreter mic with input mix and an automatic voiceover
This output is similar to the one above but rather than the incoming audio being constantly at -40dB, it is only ducked when the interpreter is speaking.  This is an automatic ducking system.

Mic Input Gain Range -
30dB to +15dB
Dynamic Mic Line Up 58dB
Mic + Phantom Power Line Up 35dB
Line Input Line Up 0dBu (Gain range +/-15dB)
Mic Input Impedance 2K4
Line Input Impedance 100K
Equivalent Input Noise 127dBu (22-22kHz RMS terminated 300 Ohms)
Maximum Input Level Before Clipping Dynamic Mic: +10dBu
                                                             Mic + 48V PH: +18dBu
                                                             Line: +18dBu

 Frequency Response  Mic: > +/-0.25dB 50Hz to 22kHz
                                              (-2 @ 25Hz)
                                    Line: >= -0.1dB 22Hz to 22kHz

 THD + Noise (Ref +8dBu) 100Hz = 0.023%
                                           1kHz = 0.012%
                                           10kHz = 0.014%

Network outputs (3 per A & B) 1 - Mic only
                                                  2 - Mic mixed with input at -40dB
                                                  3 - Mic mixed with input auto ducking -40dB


Technology Dante/AES67
Sample Frequency 48kHz, 24 bit

Internal Mains PSU Filtered IEC, 100 to 240VAC (+/-10%) 
                                47 - 63Hz
AC Consumption DC Input 2.5mm Barrel, Centre +Ve, 9 - 15 Volts
Network PoE via either network connection
Power on LED Bright blue

Headphone Impedance 16 to 1000 Ohms
                                      (Auto output level to match impedance)

Maximum Headphone Output +16.8dB into 600 Ohms
Headphone Frequency Response >= -0.1dB 22Hz to 22kHz
Headphone Noise -76.6dB @ lineup (residual noise)
Headphone THD + Noise (ref =8dBu) 0.008% @ 1kHz
Headphone Volume Pot Range +10dB to Off
Headphone Impedance 32 - 1000 Ohms auto balancing
Headphone EQ 2 band

Size 137 x 210 x 86mm (WxDxH) 
Weight 1.25KG
Mechanics All aluminium construction, anodized and laser etched, powder coated sides
Shipping Carton Rugged export quality cardboard carton 610 x 420 x 170mm (WxDxH)
Shipping Weight 2.8KG


Carrying Case Long life Polypropylene Carrying Case 
SFP Fibre Modules Multi Mode & Single Mode standard modules Bi-directional single fibre module.
External Power Supply Desktop style switch mode PSU


Handbook Via download at 
Mains Cable 
UK & EU Only, 2 metre mains plug to IEC 
RJ45 Network Cable 2 metre Cat5 RJ45plug /RJ45plug cable 

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