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Express IP MKII Front new BAN Express IP MKII Rear new BAN Express IP MKII TOP new BAN Express IP MKII Angle new BAN
  • Two commentary positions
  • Four external monitor inputs
  • Sidetone (own voice) monitor circuit
  • Other commentator monitor circuit
  • Two common talkback circuits
  • Operation of talkback buttons configurable
  • Mic inputs with selectable 48v phantom power
  • 7 LED PPM meter
  • Easy to use and cost effective

The Express Box MKII was designed to provide a quick and easy solution when it is necessary to provide interfacing for two commentators, with simple facilities. This high quality commentary unit is ideal for those looking for cost effective solutions without paying for unwanted features; the Express Box MKII is worthy of investigation.

Two front panel mic inputs with selectable 48v phantom power.

Each mic input has its own individual output. There is also a mixed output of the two mic inputs. The two talkback circuits have individual outputs and are common for both commentators.

There are four inputs for external sources, one sidetone pot of their own voice and one other commentator pot for listening to the co-commentator. These are available independently to each commentator on individual pots, so each can adjust the inputs for their own preference of mix level. There are two 6.35mm headphone sockets – 1 for each commentator. A 7 segment LED PPM meter displays level. 


Mic Gain (Dynamic): 54dB
Mic Gain (Phantom Power): 44dB (37dB via internal link)
Input Impedance: 1k2
Noise @ Channel Outputs: >= -70dB (22Hz - 22kHz A weighted 300 Ohm termination)
Noise @ Mix Output: >= -67dB (22Hz - 22kHz A weighted 300 Ohm termination)
Phantom Power: 48 Volts @ 9.7mA


Type: Complex multi-point curve
Input Level : Output Level
     -54       :       0
     -44       :       +5
     -34       :       +8.5
     -24       :       +10
     -19       :       +12.5

Headroom : 35dB


Type: Electronically balanced, fully protected
Impedance: < 50 Ohms

SIGNAL PATH (Input to Output)

Frequency Response: Flat : 53Hz to 10.5kHz
Frequency Response: <= -1dB : 40Hz to 15.2kHz
Frequency Response: <= -3dB : 30Hz to 22kHz
Distortion: -44dB input : 100Hz <=0.04% : 1kHz <= 0.01% : 10kHz <= 0.006%


Line input impedance: > 47kOhms
Frequency Response from Inputs: >= +/-2dB 50 Hz to 24kHz
Gain/ Loss Range: Off to + 10dB
Headphone Impedance: 35 - 1000 Ohms


Mains Input: 85 - 264 VAC
Power Consumption: 3 Watts


Dimensions: 220 x 250 x 98mm (W x D x H)
Weight: 1.46 Kg 


Virgil OB Overview

It is possible to set the Express MKII to operate as a simple two language interpreter’s unit. If set to interpreter mode then A and B Mic On buttons latch and toggle on/off. TB1 buttons also latch and toggle on/off. The MIC A & B buttons interact with their own channel’s TB1 button, whereby a channel’s Mic On and TB1 (on) button cannot both be on at the same time and pressing one while the other is active will cause them to toggle. The above means that Mix Out would be used for language one and TB1 out would be used for language two. TB2 button still works as an off air talkback channel and pressing it will automatically turn off either Mic ON or TB1 (on) if they were on, on the channel that TB2 has been operated on.

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