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Telephone Line Coupler

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  • Provides a balanced audio output from a normal POTS line
  • Audible ringer (defeatable)
  • LED ring indicator
  • External phone connection (RJ11)
  • XLR audio output
  • Line connection selectable between pairs 3/4 or 2/5 (RJ11)
  • Passive operation
  • Tough case with optional belt pack clip

The GS-CUT101 is a heavy duty analogue telephone line coupler. Simply connect a POTS line to the line connection, and the audio is output on a rear panel XLR.

Front panel features a heavy duty on hook/off hook switch, and an external handset can be connected for dialing. With a parallel handset connection, both sides of the phone call will be output.

There is an audible ring when receiving an incoming call which can be turned off. An LED also indicates an incoming call.

Transformer balanced on neutrik XLR
Output impedance......50 Ohms
TYPICAL output level: -6dBu
MAXIMUM output level typically +6dBu (limitation is level of audio on telephone line)

LINE TYPE: Direct Exchange Line (DEL) (standard analogue line used worldwide)
Line Connector: RJ14 6P6C (RJ11 6P2C compatible)
CONNECTOR PINOUT: Can be switched between PINS 2/5 and 3/4 (provides Worldwide compatibility)
PINOUT SWITCH: Side panel recessed

Large front panel on/ off hook switch: Green indication to show on hook state
External Telephone connector: RJ14 6P6C (for connection to normal phone to make outgoing calls)

Front Panel LED: Flashes to indicate incoming call
INTERNAL Sounder: Audible indication of incoming call
Ringer on/ off switch: Front panel switch turns internal sounder on/ off

Line powered

Telephone Compliance:
Complies to: ETSI ES 203 021

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