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FW024 MKII Front BAN FW024 MKII Angle BAN FW024 MKII Rear BAN

Four Channel 4 Wire Subrack

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  • 4 outgoing and incoming talkback circuits
  • 1 incoming 'Programme' circuit
  • Presence LEDS indicate when an incoming talkback circuit receives audio
  • Internal front panel microphone and XLR for external microphone
  • Individual gain controls for both microphones
  • Glensound ‘Referee’ compressor/ limiter circuit on mic amps
  • Illuminated talkback keys can easily be programmed to alter operation mode (latching, momentary, latching & momentary (intelligent lever key))
  • All 4-wire circuits have input & output gain controls
  • 4 wire inputs can be looped to 4-wire outputs (IFB)
  • PGM input can be routed to 4-wire outputs
  • PGM inputs & IFBs can be mixed or cut when talkback keys are operated
  • Front panel switches for routing PGM & IFB & selecting mix/cut operation
  • Talkback groups can simply be defined
  • Mains powered 100-250 VAC
  • Front panel speaker and headphone jack (cuts front panel LS)
  • Balanced external LS output (0dB)
  • Front panel LS/Headphone volume control
  • Transformer balance outputs
  • Highly reliable electronic 'transformer' inputs
  • Power ON LED
  • All audio inputs & outputs on XLRs
  • Lazy mic output (permanent un-switched)
  • Loop inputs for remote operation of talkback keys
  • Loop outputs for red light switching/ external LS dim etc from talkback keys
  • Large labelling points for designation of audio circuits

A 1u 19” rack unit containing 4 separate 4 wire/IFB circuits.  The GS-FW024 MKII is the next generation on from the very popular original GS-FW024 and is one of our top of the range of extensive 4-wire talkback units.  Glensound has been designing and making 4-wire talkback units for more than 35 years and the GS-FW024 MKII builds on past experience to provide a highly reliable and comprehensively specified unit which is also hugely versatile and is ideal for the communication hub of small OB vans and small studios.


Lineup Gain: 54dB (For 0dBu output)
Gain trim control: + / - 10dB
Input Impedance:
Input type: Electronically balanced


Type: Complex multi-point curve
Input Level : Output Level
     -54       :       0.3
     -44       :       +5.3
     -34       :       +8.7
     -24       :       +11.39
     -18       :       Clip

-1dBu @ 30 Hz
-2dBU @ 20 KHz


All measured @ +8 dB on output 
100 Hz <= 0.06%
1 kHz <= 0.02%
10 kHz <= 0.03%

MIC NOISE (RMS weighted 22-22KHz 300 Ohm termination)

Mic noise minimum gain -75dB 
Mic noise maximum gain -54dB


Nominal line up: 0dBU
Input Impedance: >22K
Type: Transformer balanced
Input Gain Control: +10 to - Infinity
Maximum input before clipping: +26dB
Present Led Illumination Point: -23dB
Frequency Response (measured to 4-wire output (IFB))
-1dBu @ 30 Hz
-2dBu @ 20 KHz


O/P gain range -20dBu to +10dBU
Output Impedance: Type: Fully protected electronically balanced
Frequency Response (measured from 4-wire input (IFB))
-1dBu @ 30 Hz
-2dBu @ 20 KHz


Headphone Impedance: 16 to 1000 Ohms
Headphone/LS Gain range: +10dB to -20dB (-Infinity by internal link)
Maximum Headphone output: +20dB into 600 Ohm headphones
Frequency Response (Measured at headphones): 
-1.4dBu @ 30 Hz
-0.8dBu @ 16 KHz

LS Dim: Front panel preset None to Off (factory set to -14dBU)
LS Amplifier: 3.5 Watts
Internal LS: Magnetically Shielded, Full Range 220Hz to 20kHz


Mains Input: 100 - 240 VAC
Max Consumption: 8.5 Watts
Queiscent: 3.7 Watts


Height: 1RU
Width: 19 inch
Depth: 205mm (excluding connectors)
Weight: 1.97Kg



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