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6 Input Mixer x 2 With Limiters On All Inputs & Outputs

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The GS-MIX011 was designed to meet the requirements of one of our customers who needed to produce two nice clean sounding mixes one for internet broadcast and another for communication. His sources were such things as a referee's mic and international sound all of which arrived at his mix point in a very unregulated format covering a wide dynamic range. These 2 mixes were not our clients main job at the event and therefore the mixer had to be capable of being very quick and easy to operate as well as of course being highly reliable.

Our solution that met our client's needs was 2 off 6 input line level mixers with each input having a compressor/ limiter circuit on it. The compressor limiter circuit that we used is very similar to our commentary ones which provide very clean sounding outputs. To enable easy operation each input has a simple rotary gain control offering +/- 20dB of gain/ loss and a limiter on LED providing a very quick indication of an input's level.

Each mixer was also provided with 2 identical electronically balanced outputs, each being derived via an output gain control offering +/- 10dB (or +10 -infinity dB (by internal link)) and an output limiter.   

  • 2 separate mixers
  • Each mixer 6 inputs
  • Each mixer 2 common outputs
  • Inputs & Outputs electronically balanced
  • Input impedance >30k ohms
  • Output impedance =< 50 ohms
  • Input gain control: +/- 20dBu
  • Input line up: 0dBu
  • Input limiter Threshold: 0dBu
  • Input Limiter LED on: +8dBu
  • Output gain control: +10dBu -10dBu (or - Infinity set by internal link)
  • Output limiter Threshold: +4dBu
  • Output Limiter LED on: +8dBu
  • Noise @ all Input controls at Minimum -80dBu (RMS 22-22kHz) 
  • Noise @ all Input controls at Line Up -78dBu (RMS 22-22kHz)
  • Noise @ all Input controls at Maximum -70dBu (RMS 22-22kHz)
  • Mains input 100 - 250 VAC
  • Power consumption: 5.12 Watts
  • 19 Inch 1RU
  • Depth (excluding connectors & front panel controls): 257mm
  • Weight: 1.94Kg


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