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eSports Gamers Interface

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  • Single user eSports interface
  • Multiple headset connection options
  • Provides the teamtalkback mixers
  • Allows referee interfacing and control
  • Full remote & Monitoring using Windows 10/11 App Glencontroller
  • Background Audio Guard

The GTM-SI combines the multiple functions required for the interfacing and communications required in eSports tournaments into one simple to use device. GTM provides the interface for the gamers, provides the intercom mix, and allows remote control by tournament engineers. There are separate modes that also mean the GTM can be used by the Coaches, Referees, and arena Announcers.

The GTM-SI is the stripped down version of the GTM, with no direct top panel controls.  It provides the interfacing connections, but control is via the GlenController app.

GlenController Remote Controls

There are three level controls to adjust the desired mix into the users headphones from the following sources:
GAME: This is the stereo level of the game audio
TEAM: This is the overall level of the team comms channel
ME: This is the level of the users own voice in their headphones

Game Audio Source

For compatibility with multiple tournaments and gaming platforms, there are 5 options of sources for the stereo game audio on the rear panel, which are routed to the GAME headphone level control. Source

SPDIF A stereo digital optical TOSLink connection
AUX IN An analogue stereo input on a 3.5mm (1/8") jack socket
USB Stereo USB audio input on a USB C connection
DANTE Two single channel sources are available from the network

Multi Channel Mix Sources

From the Dante/AES67 network there are 3 stereo inputs available. These can be mixed to 2 channel stereo using the separate GlenController Remote app. Each stereo pair also has a balance control.
Typically only a single stereo pair is used for the game audio, but the further inputs allow for future options and flexibility.

HD-SDI (option)
The optional HD-SDI connection is de-embedded to provide 4 pairs of stereo audio sources. These can be mixed to 2 channel stereo using the separate GlenController Remote app. Each stereo pair has a balance control. Typically only a single stereo pair is used for the game audio, but the further. inputs allow for future options and flexibility.
The HD-SDI signal is looped out so the GTM can be used inline of the video signal.

Team Mixer

The TEAM control the level of the Team Group Mix to the user.

The GTM-SI has an internal mixer that generates a team group mix between all members of the same team. This allows all members of the team to be able to communicate with each other.

There is a multi input, Dante/AES67 mixer controllable via GlenController that sets the levels of all audio being mixed to the GTM-SI TEAM output of 1 of 7 teams. Typically this is just a mono mix of the 6 other team members but there are also further sources available:

Front Panel Connections

There are options of connections on the front panel for the user of the GTM-SI

Headset Connection - 3.5mm (1/8" jack socket) TRRS
This allows connection of a typical gaming headset using a single jack for the headphones and microphone. 2.5v or 5v bias can be selected.

Mic & Headphone Headset Connection - 5 Pin XLR
For connecting a headset using a 5 pin XLR plug. The input is dynamic with selectable 48v phantom power.

Two Headphone Amplifiers
The two headphone outputs and the headset output use independent headphone amplifiers. The game audio and/or pink noise can be mixed to each output independentely. See the remote control page for further info.

Rear Panel Connections

The multiple input sources for the game monitoring are available via the rear panel. The input source can be selected via the push button. This can be locked to prevent local access if required.

Mic Gain
The mic input gain can be adjusted via the rear panel pushbuttons. This can be locked to prevent local access if required.

Phantom Power & Bias
48V phantom power can be selected, or if using the headset, 2.5V or 5V bias can be used.

Network Connection
Two network connections are available so a redundant network can be available if required for backup. The GTM-SI is powered via PoE from the network switch or via a midspan PoE injector.

HD-SDI (option)
The HD-SDI input is looped through, so the GTM can be used inline of the video signal. HD-SDI is an option and not on the standard GTM.

Game Integrity Features

Background Audio Guard
The GTM-SI has introduced the Background Audio Guard facility that allows reduction of the background noise by up to 40dB.  There is separate gating at 34 different frequencies, to prevent unwanted arena noise from entering the mic and being shared across the team talk mix and the gamers own headset.  This reduces the possibility of any team gaining a competative advantage from overhearing a potentiall advantagous comment leaking from the mic input.

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