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Mini Cub
Mini USB Audio Interface

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  • USB Audio Interface for Macs & PCs
  • Digital signal processing
  • 24 bit 48kHz
  • EIN 121dB
  • 1 x XLR mic/line input
  • 48V phantom power
  • 1 x 6.35mm stereo headphone output
  • USB powered

The Mini Cub is a small USB audio interface for PCs and Macs that provides high quality audio interfacing for audio ingest to the PC whilst at the same time being able to monitor the stereo return audio.

There is a 3 pin XLR input.  This is selectable from line, mic, or mic with 48V phantom power.  The input features Glensound's Referee compressor/limiter system to avoid any input clipping.  There is a front panel pot for adjusting input level control and a 4 segment LED indicates the incoming signal.  This single input is delivered to both channels of the USB connection.

There is a mini USB with a water and dust proof screw connection for connecting to your PC or Mac.  This link also powers the Mini Cub as it is USB powered and requires no separate power source.

The lockable USB to USB mini cable is available from various online retailers - Bulgin PX0441 

Stereo return audio from the USB connection is available for monitoring from the 6.35mm jack socket.  There is a front panel pot for headphone level control. There is also a front panel pot control that allows a mix between the send and return audio so that the operator can achieve the perfect mix.

The Mini Cub is built for broadcast, in a heavy duty housing, with audio specifications to match.  It has internal digital signal processing and micro controllers for system control, with the digital audio at 24bit 48kHz, and an equivalent input noise (EIN) of 121dB at line up.

Unit dimensions are 79 x 93 x 36 mm.

The Mini Cub is very trimmed down on features, focusing on being a high quality USB audio interface that manages the variation of incoming audio levels very well.  It allows a single input connection and stereo return monitoring from the PC.  All this in a small robust case that is powered from the USB connection.

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Idle Current 180mA

Line Input
Impedance 20k+
Line up level 0dBu
Gain range 35dB
Noise Max gain (300r A weighting 22hz - 22Khz)
-73 dBu
Noise Min gain (300r A weighting 22hz - 22Khz)
-79 dBu
Freq response +- 1dBu 20Hz - 22Khz
Distortion +8 relative 100hz 1Khz 10Khz
0.017% 0.012% 0.007%

Mic Input
Impedance 2K4
Line up level -54 dBu
Gain range 35dB
Noise Max gain (300r A weighting 22hz - 22Khz)
-55 dBu
Noise Min gain (300r A weighting 22hz - 22Khz)
-73 dBu
Freq response +- 1dBu 40Hz - 22Khz
Distortion +8 relative 100hz 1Khz 10Khz
0.027% 0.09% 0.007%
Limiter checks at Line up.
 -60dBu  -54dBu   -48dBu  -44dBu  -40dBu  -36dBu   -30dBu   -26dBu   -21dBu
-5.6dBu    0dbu   5.9dBu  9.0dBu 11.4dBu  12.9dBu  14.7dBu  15.7dBu   clip

Mic Phantom Power (48v 6.1mA)
Impedance 2K4
Line up level -35dBu
Gain range 35dB
Noise Max gain (300r A weighting 22hz - 22Khz)
-67 dBu
Noise Min gain (300r A weighting 22hz - 22Khz)
-72 dBu
Freq response +- 1dBu 40Hz - 22Khz
Distortion +8 relative 100hz 1Khz 10Khz
0.011% 0.010% 0.008%

Headphone Volume 60dB range
(Noise taken in Mic condition at line up 300r A weighting 22hz - 22Khz)
Noise Max gain
-74 dBu
Noise Min gain
-93 dBu
Freq response +- 1dBu 20Hz - 22Khz
Mix pot off at each end, -3dBu both inputs mixed together at mid point with 256 adjustments across pot range.

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