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STYX Mixer
Audio Mixer for Dante®/AES67 audio networks

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  • Dante® network audio interface + AES67
  • 47 x 45 Non-blocking mixer
  • Windows 10 remote control app
  • 32 Bi-directional AoIP channels
  • All 2115 mixer points have level controls
  • 24 assignable switches & encoders

STYX (pronounced sticks) is a hugely versatile configurable 47 x 45 mixer/ utility device with 32 x 32 network audio inputs & outputs with the added benefit of 5 x 5 analogue line level circuits, 2 x 2 AES3 circuits, 3(+3) x microphone/line inputs, 2 line up tone inputs & 3 stereo headphone outputs. 

The front panel features 24 x assignable rotary encoders and 24 x assignable illuminated switches, plus a mono assignable PPM and LED graph to indicate positioning of the encoders when they are used.

The real power of STYX is its Windows 10 application which in real time can adjust any of the 2115 mixer cross point levels, provides many setup options, and importantly, allows presets to be stored and recalled.

Reliability is key:  STYX has multiple redundant power supply sources and redundant network interfaces.

AoIP Inputs & Outputs
32 audio inputs and outputs to the network are provided. These are Dante® but can also be set to AES67. They are fixed at 48kHz and there is a fully redundant physical connection of two copper network circuits (Ethercon) and two SFP slots normally used for fibre).

Line Level Analogue Inputs & Outputs
There are 5 balanced line level analogue inputs and outputs presented on 2 x D25 plugs wired to the AES59 (Tascam) standard.

Microphone Inputs
Three low noise, large dynamic range, high quality microphone inputs are provided on rear panel XLRs. Gain is set via the App, and 48 Volt phantom power can also be turned on/ off from the App. The output of the microphone amplifiers are routed in the DSP to individual compressor/ limiter circuits. Both compressed and uncompressed signals are presented as inputs to the mixer. These inputs can also be set to receive a line level circuit.

AES3 Inputs & Outputs
On a rear panel 9 way D connector that is shared with the GPIO there is an AES3 input & output circuit. Being AES3 this provides 2 audio channels in & out.

Headphone Outputs
For monitoring purposes three stereo headphone outputs are provided. These utilise our unique amplifier circuit suitable for both low and high impedance headphones.

Line Up Tone
The internal DSP provides two fixed rate oscillators, one at 1kHz and the other 1/5th Octave lower at 629Hz. The outputs of these oscillators are presented as two inputs to the mixer.

Shaft Encoders
The 24 front panel shaft encoders are rotary level controls. When one is rotated a row of LEDs above the front panel PPM illuminate to indicate the current position (i.e. how far up (or down) the control is currently set). These shaft encoders can also pan the associated circuits, achieved by pushing them in while rotating.

The mixer cross point circuits that these controls adjust can be configured in GlenController. One shaft encoder can be set to control many cross points, however individual cross points can only ever be controlled by one shaft encoder.

There are 24 illuminated push switches on the front panel. These can be set to turn any or multiple mixer cross points on/ off. They can also be set to route outputs to the headphones and meter circuits. The interaction between switches is fully configurable.

Four general purpose input/ output circuits are provided. There are four circuits in total and any one can be set to be either an input or an output. These can perform any function a switch can and share full interaction with the switches.

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