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Beatrice B4 Plus Rear 3pin Beatrice B4 Plus Front With Light On Beatrice B4 Plus Close Up Beatrice B4 Plus Remote 1 Beatrice B4 Plus Remote 2 Beatrice B4 Plus Angle

Beatrice B4+
Four Channel Beatrice Beltpack Intercom On Dante / AES67 Networks

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The Beatrice B4+ is Glensound's first Broadway design unit, with 4 x FW & 4 x IFBs to the Dante/AES67 Network. The B4+ can receive audio from 4 completely separate network locations.

The design of the B4+ is ultra compact to make the unit as unobtrusive to the operator as possible.

The microphone input is on a 3 pin XLR and features gain adjust and 48V phantom power. The XLR connector can be specified with 4 or 5 pins for headset connections.

Four separate talk buttons route the microphone input to either of the 4 network outputs. The button operation can be configured as momentary, latching or intelligent. A double tap on any of the talk buttons will produce a 'call' signal alert that will be received by another Beatrice unit. An LED indicates an incoming call alert, which will also produce an audio indication on the headphones.

Each input has a separate level control adjust and a signal present indicator.

The Beatrice B4+ has remote control functions via GlenController.  Monitoring, setup and control are all available via remote control. 


Ultra Compact Box
The B4+ has been designed to be as small and compact as possible. A rugged aluminium case with tough pillar supports means that although it is very small, it is also very strong, to cope with the life of a portable unit.

High Specification Microphone Amplifier (with connector option)
The microphone input is on a 3 pin XLR with gain adjust and selectable 48v phantom power. The XLR connection can also be specified as a 4 pin or 5 pin headset connection if required. A separate 6.35mm headphone output is always available.

Listen To Four Separate Network Locations
As the Beatrice B4+ is an Audinate Broadway design, it is possible to talk to four separate locations on the network. It also means that you could operate over 100 Beatrice B4+ devices on the same network.

Four Direct Talkback Buttons
Four separate talk buttons route the microphone input to either of the 4 network outputs. The button operation can be configured as momentary (PTT), latching or the Glensound intelligent mode.

Built In Call Function
A double tap of any talk button will produce a ‘call’ signal alert that will be received by another Beatrice unit. This can be disabled. An LED indicates an incoming call alert, which will also produce an audio indication on the headphones.

Separate Level Adjust For The Four Inputs
Each input has a separate control to adjust the headphone level, so each of the four inputs can be quickly set at a different level. The pots are sprung recessed so when not in use they can be pushed into the unit to further reduce the unit dimensions and reduce the chance of any unwanted knocks. Each input can be panned left/right. There is a signal present LED on each input to identify the incoming audio source.

Four Permanent IFB Outputs
As well as the four switched 4W outputs, there are also 4 permanent outputs which are a loop of the input. If the user activates the talk switch he will talk over this incoming looped signal. Whether the switch 4W or the IFB is used is based on the audio routing channels used in Dante Controller. Outputs 1-4 are the front panel 4W switched outputs, outputs 5-8 are the IFB loops.

Remote Control
The Beatrice B4+ can be controlled across the network using Glensound’’s Windows 10 remote app GlenController.  The unit can be monitored with a real time PPM meter, have settings changed, and remotely control the button operation and input gain control.  Channel labels can be taken from the Dante network or set separately.

As standard the Beatrice B4+ is supplied with a 3 pin XLR socket for the microphone input and a 6.35mm (1/4") stereo jack socket for the headphone output.

It can, however, be ordered with either a 4 pin or 5 pin XLR headset interface.

Part numbers are:

Beatrice B4+/F3 (3 pin XLR)

Beatrice B4+/M4 (4 Pin XLR)

Beatrice B4+/F5 (5 Pin XLR)

Wiring for the headset interfaces is to common standards as detailed below.  It may be possible to provide other custom wiring configurations if required, please email with your requirements.

Beatrice B4+ -X5 Wiring Info

Connector type: 5 Pin XLR Socket (female XLR fitted, suitable for mating with cable mounted male)

PIN 1: Mic -
PIN 2: Mic +
PIN 4: Headphone Left
PIN 5: Headphone Right

Beatrice B4+ -X4 Wiring Info

Connector type: 4 Pin XLR Plug (male XLR fitted, suitable for mating with cable mounted female)

PIN 1: Mic - (Mic GND)
PIN 2: Mic +
PIN 3: Headphone GND
PIN 4: Headphone +

Physical Interface  1 off RJ45
Audio Sample Frequency 48K
Transfer Rate 1 Gbps
Dante® Chipset Broadway
AES67 Compliant Yes
SMPTE ST2110-30 Compliant
 Yes,using Dante Domain Manager

Mic Gain Range 
61 to 21dB
Phantom Power 48V
Equivalent Input Noise 
125.6dB (Residual @max gain 150 Ohms)
Headphone Impedance 32 - 1000 Ohms
Max Headphone Output Level +18dBu into 600 Ohms
Headphone Connector 6.35mm (1/4") TRS socket
Band Pass Filter 43Hz to 20kHz. Notch filter at 20kHz.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) May be powered by PoE on the Copper Port Complies to: IEEE 802.3af-2003 Classification Class 0

Standard (Part no: Beatrice B4+) Rear Panel 3 pin XLR socket Mic Input
Optional 5 Pin (Part no: Beatrice B4+X5) Rear Panel 5 pin XLR socket Headset Connector
Optional 4 Pin (Part no: Beatrice B4+X4) Rear Panel 4 pin XLR plug Headset Connector

Mechanics All aluminium with laser etched panels and light textured black powder coated lid & base
Size 80mm wide, 40 mm high, 130mm deep
Shipping Size 290 x 230 x 160 mm
Weight 0.30 Kg
Shipping Carton Rugged export quality cardboard
Shipping Weight 1.3 Kg

Operating Temperature o o 0 to +50 C (32 to 122 F)
Storage Temperature o o -20 to +70 C (-4° to 158 F)
Relative Humidty 0 to 95% non-condensing

RJ45 Network Cable 2 metre Cat5 RJ45plug /RJ45plug cable

Beatrice B4+/3F:  Mic input on 3 pin XLR female socket

Beatrice B4+/4M:  Headset wired to a 4 pin XLR male plug

Beatrice B4+/5F:  Headset wired to a 5 pin XLR female socket

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