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Signature ADDA 1
Stereo Analogue To Digital And Digital To Analogue Converter

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    • Modern high quality bi-directional audio converter
    • Analogue input and output on 2 x 3 pin XLRs
    • Analogue input output also available on 2 x RCA phono sockets
    • Digital input and output available on AES 3 pin XLRs
    • Digital input and output also available on S/PDIF on a phono sockets
    • Digital input and output also available on optical TOSLINK
    • Front panel headphone connection for monitoring
    • Sample Frequency up to 192k
    • Mains powered & DC backup
    • Front panel display for easy setup

The Signature ADDA 1 is a broadcast specification, bi-directional, analogue to digital, and digital to analogue audio converter.

The analogue inputs and outputs are available separately on balanced XLR connections, or unbalanced RCA phono connections.

The digital inputs and outputs are available separately in three formats:
- 3 pin XLRs using AES
- RCA phono plug using S/PDIF
- optical connectors using TOSlink

The digital output is 24 bit and can be selected to be from 44.1kHz to 192 kHz.
The DARS (Digital Audio Reference Signal) can also be input on a separate 3 pin XLR input, or via the word clock input on a BNC connection.

The front panel features a 6.35mm stereo jack socket for headphones monitoring, with a full size pot to adjust the volume level. A front panel screen shows current operation mode and allows configuration of all unit parameters.

Power is provided by an internal switch mode power supply, with a wide input range. There is also an input for external 12V DC power. The 12V DC input can be connected to the optional Signature PS1 external DC Master Power Station, for situations where a redundant power supply is desirable.

May be delivered with a black finish

Signature Series Standard Features

19" Rack Mount Ears
A Signature unit can rack mount in a 1U 19” rack, regardless of the size of the unit.  Rack ears are included as standard with every unit.

Front Or Rear Mounting
A Signature unit can be rack mounted via the front panel or if it is more convenient, via the rear panel by simply swapping the rack ears over.

Side Wings For Flat Surface Mounting
A Signature unit has side wings with mounting holes at the top and bottom, allowing flush fixing from above OR underneath.

Internal Switch Mode AC Power Supply
A Signature unit has an internal switch mode AC power supply, allowing worldwide power connections from 100-240V via an IEC socket.

12V DC Power Connection
All Signature units (except PS1) have a 4 pin XLR ±12V DC  socket for connection to the PS1 Power Station.  This can act as the primary or backup power source.

Quick Find Manual
A Signature unit has a QR code attached.  This can be scanned to simply and quickly locate the manual and technical information.


  • Neutral colour scheme to complement Equipment Scheme
  • Rack screws included
  • Modern design


Digital Outputs
Internal Clock Sample Frequency Rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz
Resolution: 24 Bit
0dBFs equivalents: +18dBu, +12dBu, +6dBu, 0dBu
Noise: -108dBFs
Frequency Response: >-0.5dB 15Hz to 20kHz
THD + Noise (ref +8dBu):

  • 100Hz = 0.008%
  • 1kHz = 0.006%
  • 10kHz = 0.009%

Physical Outputs: AES/EBU Balanced XLR
                          S/PDIF RCA Phono
                          TOSlink optical

Digital Sync
Input 1: Word Clock TTL on BNC
Input 2: DARS (AES/EBU) Neutrik XLR 3 pin sockets  

Analogue Inputs
Input impedance: Balanced 20k Ohms
                          Unbalanced 10k Ohms
Balanced Input Connectors: Neutrik XLR 3 pin sockets
Unbalanced Input Connectors: Gold Plated RCA Phono sockets


Digital Inputs
Sample Frequency Rates: 44.1kHz to 192kHz
Resolution: up to 24 Bit
0dBFs equivalents: +18dBu, +12dBu, +6dBu, 0dBu
Physical Intputs: AES/EBU Balanced XLR
                         S/PDIF RCA Phono
                         TOSlink optical

Analogue Outputs
Output impedance: 110 Ohms
Balanced Output Connectors: Neutrik XLR 3 pin plugs
Unbalanced Output Connectors: Gold Plated RCA Phono sockets
Noise: -108dBFs
Frequency Response: >-0.5dB 15Hz to 22kHz @48k sampling
THD + Noise: 0.001% @ 1kHz

Headphone Output
Output Gain Range: +10dB to Off
Headphone Impedance: 100 - 1000 Ohms
Maximum Output Level: +18dB into 600 Ohms


Mains Input:  Filtered IEC, 100 to 240VAC 47 - 63Hz
Internal Mains Fuse:  20mm 1A Anti Surge 
DC Input:  4 Pin Neutrik XLR plug +/- 12V
DC Consumption:  +12V 200mA, -12V 100mA
AC Consumption: 4 Watts


Size:  445 x 163 x 44mm (LxDxH) no rack ears, 482mm 19” (1RU) with rack ears
Weight:  1.35kg
Shipping Weight: 2.8kg 
Shipping Carton:  Rugged export quality cardboard carton 610 x 420 x 130mm LxDxH
Mechanics:  All aluminium construction, anodised and laser etched


Mains Lead: 2 metre long (UK & Europe only)
Rack Bolts: 4 off Pozi head M6
Feet: 4 off rubber stick on feet
Handbook: Full A4 handbook available to download and linked by QR code on device

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