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Network Audio Analogue and AES Interface With Remote Mic Amps

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  • Network audio interface with Dante (AES67 compliant)
  • 16 x analogue inputs (mic/line)
  • 16 x analogue outputs 
  • 8 x AES3 inputs (up to 192kHz)
  • 8 x AES3 outputs
  • 16 network remote controllable mic amps
  • Windows 10 App for remote control
  • Redundant network links (both copper & fibre)
  • Redundant power supplies
  • 19" 1RU

The DARK 1616M is an audio interface that provides connections to a Dante or AES67 IP network.

Inputs & Outputs
There are 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs, available on 8 x AES connections.  There are also 16 analogue inputs and 16 analogue outputs, available in parallel to the digital.  The analogue and digital outputs are always available, and the inputs work either on AES input priority or can be selected via the control app.

The AES3 inputs have sample rate converters and can accept input frequencies up to 192kHz.  The incoming AES3 circuit is always sample rate converted to match the Dante network frequency.  The AES3 outputs are locked to the sample frequency of the Dante network.

For ease of cabling, audio I/O is presented on D25 sockets to the AES59 standard (Tascam wiring convention) for which there are a number of reasonably priced break out cables available from multiple suppliers.

Remote Mic Amps
The analogue inputs are switchable between mic, line and 48V phantom power.  These are controllable across the network via the Dark Controller Windows 10 app.  This allows remote control by an engineer of the input selection, gain adjust and input on/off control.  A meter is also provided for each input on the app, to monitor the input level and help with setting the gain.

Network Interface
Being designed for resilient broadcast applications the DARK1616M features both redundant power supplies and redundant Dante network links with link status GPOs (general purpose outputs (solid state relays)). Both primary and secondary network links are provided with both magnetic (copper RJ45) and fibre (SFP) interface connections. The Dante system itself provides a completely transparent redundant link system which means that if the DARK1616M lost its primary link circuit the secondary link would automatically take over with no loss of audio.

The primary and secondary network interfaces are routed internally via a network switch.  It is possible to set this switch to work as a traditional network switch instead of the default redundant mode.  This means that there would be just one link to the Dante network, and the other connections of the switch could have other Dante or network devices connected to them. As with all Dante devices, once set up, DARK1616 units can be directly connected with each other with no external network hardware.

On the front panel 4 bright LEDs indicate the status of the 2 power supplies and the primary and secondary local network links. In parallel to these 4 indicating LEDs there are 4 solid state relay outputs for connecting to external alarm systems for failure notification of a power supply or link fault.   




The sophisticated, modern looking Windows 10 App allows full remote control of all the features of the DARK1616M.

The App connects to the DARK1616M via the same network as the Dante audio circuits and provides a reliable redundant control system via both the primary and secondary network interfaces.  This means that even if one of the 2 networks were to become disconnected, the remote control would continue to work.

One App can connect to multiple DARK1616Ms and multiple Apps running on different PCs can connect to a single DARK1616M. The App provides the ability to lock out other users from controlling a DARK1616M and this facility can be password protected, meaning only authorised personnel can change the settings on a DARK1616M.

For users regularly using the units at different events and functions, settings can be saved and assigned names for quick recall.

Controls on the App include:

  • Selecting input type (Mic, Line, Mic + 48V Phantom)
  • Changing the input gain (in 3dB steps)
  • Selecting the input source (Analogue, Digital or Auto)
  • Monitoring an input level on a PPM style meter
  • Monitoring a channel's output level on a PPM style meter
  • Setting 2 inputs to become a stereo pair
  • Altering the ADC (analogue digital converter) filter settings
  • Saving & recalling setups
  • Password protecting the DARK1616M to prevent other Apps controlling it
  • Monitoring the state of both power supplies
  • Seeing the state of both Primary & Secondary network links
  • Displaying the Dante network clock rate

Microphone Inputs
Input Range: 
-67 to -15dB (for -24dBFs line up)
                      -61 to -7dB (for -18dBFs line up)
Input Gain Steps3dB
Frequency Response: +/-0.25dB 20Hz to 22kHz
Input Impedance: >2k4 Ohm
Equivalent Input Noise: 127dB (22Hz to 22kHz Terminated 300 Ohms)
Distortion: Referenced to +8dBu output
                    0.013% @ 100Hz
                    0.002% @ 1kHz
                    0.003% @ 10kHz
Phantom Power Volts: +48

Analogue Audio (Line In/Out)
Maximum Input Level:  +18dB
Maximum Output Level: +18dBu
Input Impedance: >20k Ohm
Output Impedance:  Distortion:  0.0022%@1kHz reference to +8dBu output
Noise: -93dB@line up A weighted RMS
Dynamic Range:  111dB
Input And Output Type:  Electronically balanced (can be wired unbalanced) 

Digital AES3 Audio
Frequency Response: flat to 22kHz
Maximum Input And Output Level: 0dBFs
Input And Output Impedance: 110 Ohm
THD+N:  0.00018% relative
Noise: >-123dB (residual) A weighted RMS
Inputs And Outputs:  transformer balanced
Dynamic Range:  >141dB
Input Frequency:  16-192kHz (sample rate converted to meet Dante network frequency)
Output Frequency:  44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192kHz (output matched Dante network) 

Connections:  2 x mains inputs filtered IEC, 100 to 240 VAC 47-63Hz
AC Consumption: 18 Watts@230VAC
Internal Mains Fuse:  20mm 1A anti surge

Audio Connectors: 25 way D connectors wired to AES59
Alarm Connector: 9 way D socket
Alarm Type: solid state relay
Size: 1RU 19” 300mm deep excluding connectors
Nett Weight:  3.3kg
Shipping Carton:  Rugged export quality cardboard 610x420x130mm LxDxH
Shipping Weight: 4.8kg.

Operating Temperature: 0 to +50°C (32 to 122°F)
Storage Temperature: -20 to +70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Relative Humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing

The App that controls the Dark1616M is GlenController. The latest version and further information are available on the GlenController's webpage.

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